#DisneyFamilia: Una Mamá Disney!

#DisneyFamilia: Una Mamá Disney!

Before becoming a cast member, I thought I was the biggest Disney Parks fan. But I was mistaken. I actually became the biggest Disney fan when I had my son almost three years ago.

Not only am I an even bigger fan now, I am una Disney mom and I’m very orgullosa of it!

Being a Disney mom means that I get to relive the magic that Disney brings to our lives, especially at our theme parks.

From rediscovering attractions, to meeting all over again classic and beloved characters, to exploring food options at our resorts and parks…everything now has a new meaning and seen in a different light.

I love spending time with my son and my husband at the theme parks because I get to be a kid again, and I relive everything through my son’s eyes. And oh what a sight that is!

Are you a Disney mom like me? I want to hear from you and everything that you like to do with your children when visiting our parks.



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