Planning Your Florida Road Trip

Planning Your Florida Road Trip

Are You Planning a Florida Road Trip? Here are 5 Things to Consider.

Florida Road Trip

We went on a lot of road trips as a kid. My dad loves to travel. In fact, he is on a trip to Alaska as I write this. We lived in Kansas City and we went west from there many times often having similar experiences as Chevy Chase in Vacation.

Planning a Florida Road Trip can be part of the fun. Pinterest and other social media tools can help you plan your journey.

5 Things to Consider

1. What everyone in your family enjoys doing
2. The cost of the road trip
3. The time you can spend on your road trip
4. The vehicle for travel
5. What could go wrong

1. What Everyone in Your Family Enjoys Doing

Gather your family together and discuss what everyone enjoys most on a vacation. As a young girl, I had a love of history and old homes so I always wanted to tour historical mansions. My little sister had a love of adventure and action so she wanted to go somewhere and climb something. My mom had a love of meeting new people and learning their story. We did not have to plan for this because my mom has the gift of striking up a conversation with anyone. My dad enjoyed the journey seeing new places and taking lots of pictures. My mom would always remind him to “take some of the girls.” Map out your adventure so everyone sees when they get to do their favorite thing.

2. The Cost of the Road Trip

The cost of a road trip needs to be considered unless you have unlimited finances. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself far from home and not being able to afford a place for you and your family to stay. Set a vacation budget for yourself but plan a little wiggle room for mishaps along the road.

3. The Time You Can Spend on Your Road Trip

I’m fortunate to be self-employed but most folks need to plan time off from work. If you only have a week off, you must consider the drive time before you hit the road and Florida traffic can be horrible especially in the summer. As a kid, we used to leave at night sometimes and my parents would take turns driving through the night while my sister and I slept in the back of the station wagon. I prefer to pack up our vehicle the night before and get an early start.

4. The Vehicle for Travel

You need to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before you leave on your adventure. Check your oil, washer fluids, tires, etc. You may choose to rent a vehicle for your road trip. You may need a larger vehicle or not want to put the wear and tear on your vehicle. When I was a single mom, I would rent a mini van for a weekend get-aways because I had a small convertible that would not fit everyone plus luggage.  In Florida you’re going to want a Sunpass. Florida highways now have more and more tolls. Many of the toll roads don’t have a person manning them so you can get hit with a fine for not paying the toll.  You can pick up a Sunpass at any Publix Grocery Store.

5. What Could Go Wrong

I am always an optimist but when planning a road trip. It’s good to consider what could go wrong. Pack a first aid kit and make sure it is stocked with bandages and a pain reliever. I like to pack baby wipes even though my kids are big for quick clean ups. And of course cell phone chargers.  If you’re a member of AAA or another roadside assistance company, make sure this number is in your car. Double check that your car insurance information and paperwork is up to date before you leave.

Enjoy the Journey!



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